Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer 2011

Well, I took a bit of a blogging sabbatical, I was actually doing a poker related one over at bfp. Obviously that was shortlived! Poker blogs are pretty much universally as dull as ditch water, so I decided to resurrect this work; which is at least as good as stagnant pond sludge. Am not a great one for recaps but some of the memorable things over last 6 months or so were going skiing for first time, James has promised to organise another trip once he has finished solving the stockmarket/sportsbetting etc.

Have also taken up golf, which is far more frustrating than poker but is a good tonic to hours spent toiling in front of complex game theory equations. Have taken lessons, but after my round today I evidently need some more. Have invested in my own clubs so have been hacking around the fields at home to practice my swing.

Played live a bit, cashed 4th in the Palm Beach £1k for £9300, pretty unfamiliar with mtt poker having become a bit out of touch with the nuances due to primarily playing cash games for last few years. Still I felt pretty comfortable until stacks got shallower, but still didn't fancy doing a deal 4 handed so soldiered on... to 4th! Of course that's not what live poker's about, I've excelled myself donking around in the Torquay casino 1/2 PLO game and managed to rollover the limes from a steadily ebbing G&T tide ( ty new v.efficient waitress) into a centrepeice tumbler to cement my solid TAG image. Wasn't in an ideal state to explain to a Duty Supervisor why a lady was writing me a cheque at the table and she called me "obtuse". Also played UKIPT Newcastle, was good to catch up with Flash and James, sadly Ged's intestines objected to him coming and getting on it with us. Hopefully he'll make it up to Edinburgh.

Am heading back up to Edinburgh at the end of July so will be up there for the Fringe festival/UKIPT if I feel like subjecting myself to more torment. Hopefully the blog will settle down to the more familiar territory of espousing the benefits of Hamilton's breakfasts/Opal Lounge et al.

Oh yeh, and well done to Keys and Rupert for their big scores in Aussie Millions and EPT San Remo respectively.