Monday, 12 November 2007

Another bird themed entry

I spent some of today teaching ducks to fly. The ducks were happily swimming around on the pond and don't seem particularly inclined to take to the sky. Unfortunately they were bred for the purpose of being shot; and as only a cad would shoot a duck on a pond it's rather essential that they overcome their vertigo. We managed to tempt them into a cage with a bit of wheat and then drove across the field and flung them to the sky. Their sense of direction did not appear especially great, two flew into a fence and a couple more tired of all the flapping rather soon and waddled back towards the pond. The morning was rounded off with a Large steak pasty from Chudleigh bakery.

I am just settling down to watch a Sherlock Holmes episode on Sadly I have seen it before, Holmes's consumption of morphine and cocaine seem to have got rather out of hand. Thank Goodness he has Doctor Watson and Mrs Hudson to keep an eye on him. He seems a little despondent at the moment-"How I abhor the dull routine of existence". Good job he doesn't have to grind SSNL, it may well tip him over the edge.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Peacocks At Large

I'd like to thank the Dunsford and Doddiscomsleigh parish magazine for the inspiration which prompted this brief entry. In short there are acouple of renegade peacocks running riot in a local village. It appears that villagers are determined to get these miscreant birds under lock and key before as any more flower beds are terrorised or blue rinses defecaeted upon. "If anyone has regular visits from these birds and has a shed/enclosure that they can be lured into with food, can they please let either the clerk or a Parish Concillor know". For how much longer can these birds elude capture and prance from thatched roof to thatched roof?

One word of warning, whilst the plumage that makes up the peacocks' train my look rather "pretty" BEWARE! It is well known that the feathers of this bird contain the "eye of the devil" and bringing one into your house is bound to provoke a downswing like no other.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Paradise Link

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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Car Bustoo!

So I'd got my head down and was putting some hands in, when the phone goes..Oh no I think, it's Party making sure I'm not a robot again. If only; my parents had infact lent a car that had been given to them in an hour of need to some guy from a nearby village. Said gentleman is actually a bit of a local character, I used to play cricket with him, andI recall in one post-match celebration he certainly put an industrial volume of booze away. I still recall the image of him surreptiously vomiting, wiping the debris from his face with a nearby napkin, all whilst carefully protecting his pint and cigarette in his other hand, it all seemed like a well rehearsed routine; he was clearly unphased.

Anyway somehow the car had broken down..on a particularly busy road-Telegraph Hill-not even any grass down the middle of it. The wife had to phone the police, who were especially interested that a screwdriver needed to be used to start the vehicle. The lady was infact on her way to pick up an ill child from school! So an hour or so later a Breakdown vehicle arrives and it is up to me to sort the situation. The lady was content to have a moan about her husband and told me it would do him good to see what she had to do every day etc.. I decided that a good cup of tea was the best remedy, her husband arrived having driven up from Cornwall shortly after, and I was retrospectively offered a ticked to the famed Lower teign Fishing Association dinner that evening on the account of them having no way of getting there.

I've been watching a few Cardrunners videos today and playing around with the pokerev software. Seems that the latest fad atm seems to be achieving a high W$WSF, I'm not convinced how well this applies to ssnl, I feel solid value betting is more imprortant, but obviously puutting pressure on the better opponents capable of folding is desireable. Will probably give the Sunday tournaments a misss today, as i have not cashed in any for ages and it is rather frustrating. Will, however try and play the Warwick tournies again, having made the final of the heads up the last couple of weeks, having won it once (probs undeservedly) against Jac, he adapted much better and quicker than anyone else to my style of play. Tom beat me last week and was certainly the most aggressive player I encountered and it appeared that he was happy to see flops in reraised pots with a very wide range of hands. I've not cashed in the standard tourny yet, having run KK into AA on one occassion and being outdrawn in my last few efforts.

Car Bustoo!