Monday, 29 September 2008

Congratulations Scott

No...He hasn't overcome his irrational fear of moths quite yet, he did, however, manage to win the $250k on Ipoker for a first prize of $55k! This blog obviously must take some of the credit, for encouraging him to ween himself from his self destructive addiction to STTs

Not much else to report, although, I have recently decided that Britvic tonic, really is not up to scratch, and so, if Schweppes is not available I have been experimenting with Gin and bitter lemon. Early indications are that I should be able to transition into this major life change smoothly; I knocked a few back last night after scoring 51 for DCC.

Shall leave you with this review of "Dude, Where's My Car?". I found on the Radio Times website. I was motivated there and then to write the most scathing review of Gutshot I could muster until I realised it was shut! Shall probably watch "Croupier" tonight, haven't seen it in ages.

The daft title is the most amusing thing about this embarrassing, laugh-free exercise in teen idiocy. Utterly devoid of any redeeming features, it should be a confidence-booster for budding film-makers: if garbage like this can get funded, there's hope for anyone. Seann William Scott and Ashton Kutcher play the dumb, pot-smoking chums, who wake up after a night of hedonism to discover Kutcher's car is missing and decide to re-trace their movements. A transsexual stripper, Nordic extraterrestrials and an ostrich farmer all cross their path in this witless, pointless shambles that stumbles from one excruciating moment to another. It's unquestionably one of the worst ever US comedies.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

The English Riviera

This week I headed down to Torquay to meet with Scott and Rick. It was good to see them again, although one of the side effects Scott seems to have developed from excessive SNG play is an irrational fear of moths. They are attracted through the window due to the light thrown out by his monitors, however, after they have been forced to endure around 20 minutes of watching STTs they go crazy, bored of push/folding, they race around the room, amusing themselves by hiding in Scott's clothes. Things have got so bad for poor old Scott, that he now employs a cat, "Meg", to rip the moths wing from wing.

We made it out to Torquay casino on our second night, to play a £10rebuy and a bit of live cash. Scott accidently mucked Rick's cards, (self-dealt tournament) as The beech was shoving his chips allin- Not on the Interwebs now son! Protect your cards!! It was all resolved cordially, as I enjoyed a Chichen salad. I'm sure last year it was a Chicken and bacon salad, must be a casualty of the credit crunch I guess.

Thanks to Scott for having us to stay, and good luck with your holiday Rick, hope XL don't leave you stranded out there!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Trip to Exeter.

Had to catch the bus back from Exeter after a driving lesson recently, the journey back was certainly an amusing affair. Some drunk old codger called Jerry, from a nearby village had taken his mobile phone to the repair shop, however, as it was still powered by AAA batteries the proprietor suggested it may not be worth saving. Not deterred, Gerry informed anyone on the bus who was listening that he would be taking the phone to pieces and spraying it with WD40, to see if it would bring his phone back to life.

The next incident occurred as we approached the Village of Ide. As the bus was quite crowded, someone was standing at the front, despite there being the odd seat available. At this point Jerry interjected "What's that woman doing standing up there". He was informed by a couple of girls next to him that the person was in fact a man, who just happened to have long braided hair. Jerry wasn't to convinced and a loud conversation ensued with the chastised bloke escaping at the next stop!

There was one other incident, but I shall keep that up my sleeve for another day, I don't want to use up all my material at once! Played cricket yesterday against a touring team called "The Badgers"composed of people who work for "The Sun" and "Daily Mirror", needless to say one of them edged it and failed to walk, am sure a broadsheet employee would be fired for besmirching the reputation of his publication if imitating such behaviour.

Friday, 12 September 2008

The Price of fame.

Was scanning the party lobby yesterday when I noticed the leggo poker instructor Playaa__69 sat at a couple of tables. I was immediately starstruck and rushed to join him. He was pretty friendly in the chat, although my cold 4 bet was not met with such a cordial response! I later realised I had read of a big downswing on his blog, so hope he wasn't playing 2/4 trying to rebuild and then having to put up with the "What are you doing down here" type comments. Nevermind, I'm sure my witty bonhomie cheered him up.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

If it's good enough for Daut..

Whilst neglecting my own blog I would often peruse those of others. I noticed Ryan's penchant for UFC and thought I'd share this clip gleaned from the bbc news site. She's certainly not "the new Carol Vorderman". Quite...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Autumn bound..

Decided to dust the cobwebs of this blog and restore it to its former glory! Obviously been a long time since my last entry..A lot has happened since then, but I don't think it's appropriate to dwell on the trivialities of world affairs etc when obviously the resignation of Carol Vorderman from Countdown has made this a truly "annus horibillis", perhaps compounded slightly Neighbours coverage being interrupted by the Olympics it's been a tough year for many.

Life has been complicated by "Doctors" and "Neighbours" both being shown @ 1.45 p.m. At least I can catch up with Doctors on iplayer if I am unfortunate enough to miss it, but it throws me off kilter for the rest of the day....I'd kick the dog but it's got a bad foot atm so hardly seems fair whilst it's so pawwwly.

As I strive to move up into the msnl games on party Ithink getting a decent routine going is really going to help improve my mental state to one of Zen like focus ,so I can pinpoint with accuracy optimal cold limp 4 betting 3 bet squezzing of late position openers.

My sister is off to start work in London tomorrow, I hear the streets are paved with gold ( apart from outside "The Gutshot" where it has been pilfered to add to "The Dealers Benevolent Fund", lest we forget them... Off for a meal tonight at a nearby pub.