Monday, 29 October 2007


Ventured northwards up to Warwick last week. Was a good week and good to catch up with people. Watched the rugby in TJ's, and even addressed my favourite barmaid Louise by name and got served! The toilets have been refurbished, making the joint slightly more salubrious, however, the same old undesireables always eem to be lurking around the quiz machine, no doubt determined to assure that Flash and I were unable to assert our unprecedented dominance at 'Word Up'. No real surprises that England lost although I was a little saddened that the margin of defeat was 9 points; as I had a wager with James backing South Africa to win by the tune of 10 points or more.

Before Evolve we stopped by Tuscano's, sadly the rather pale, gaunt eastern european lady was absent once again, I really hope she didn't get a dodgy dose of crack. We all sat around aghast as one of Chattie's old pals from home, Talula, demolished pizza after pizza, like it was going out of fashion. It would have made an excellent video addition to the blog actually. Then we headed onto evolve, with Bobby Jagger navigating his way along the canal to meet us. Was a good night, but the most strartling denouement of the evening has to be that Vialli's have changed their uniform, no longer do they look so resplendant in the former glory of their powder-puff blue, having opted for a more regal shade of purple. I actually am quite pleased about this, as it means that the autographed cap I purchased last year is now a sought after collector's item, especially as Fazeel was good enough to sign it for me..

More to follow..

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Career Decision.

Don't be alarmed, I'm not planiing on getting a job anytime soon. Instead I include this question to allow you to muse over. I actually discovered it in Derren Brown's "Trick's of the Mind" which I'd recommend as a good read.

"Hary was very creative as a child and loved attention. He didn't always feel 'part of the gang' and this led to a desire to try and impress others with his talents. He went through school self obsessed, and tried his hand at any creative field. He really enjoyed the opportunity to give a presentation or show of in front of an audience. Take a look at the following statements regarding Harry as an adult, and place them in order of most liekly to least likely.

A) Harry is an accountant
B)Harry is a professional actor
C)Harry enjoys going to classical concerts
D)Harry is a professional actor and enjoys going to classical concerts.