Thursday, 4 October 2007

Career Decision.

Don't be alarmed, I'm not planiing on getting a job anytime soon. Instead I include this question to allow you to muse over. I actually discovered it in Derren Brown's "Trick's of the Mind" which I'd recommend as a good read.

"Hary was very creative as a child and loved attention. He didn't always feel 'part of the gang' and this led to a desire to try and impress others with his talents. He went through school self obsessed, and tried his hand at any creative field. He really enjoyed the opportunity to give a presentation or show of in front of an audience. Take a look at the following statements regarding Harry as an adult, and place them in order of most liekly to least likely.

A) Harry is an accountant
B)Harry is a professional actor
C)Harry enjoys going to classical concerts
D)Harry is a professional actor and enjoys going to classical concerts.


suitedflush said...


am i a paedophile or something now?

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Anonymous said...

how the f can it be abcd?

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maryhadalamb said...

Well, it's more likely he is an accountant than an actor, due to the fact there are many more accountants than actors. Because the description fitted how a "typical" actor may describe his background, you may have been blinded as to making a better decision.

If you thought D was more likely than C think how can "Harry is a pro. actor and enjoys classical concerts ever be more likely than just "Harry enjoys going to classical concerts"? The probability of both being true is necessarily lower than just one of them being true.

Think James was closest as I think whilst there are a lot of accountants, a lot of people also enjoy going to classical concerts, especially if they have been seduced by the sexy tones of "late night with Lisa" on classic FM.