Monday, 31 August 2009


A new month is upon us, and I find myself overwhelmed by a vague sense of optimism that I may be able to update my blog on a more frequent basis. I already sense this optimism draining away...

Spent most of August in France which was good fun. Most remarkable things were the filthy nature of their public toilets. Whilst thankfully only briefly be confronted by this horror, it required a great deal more fortitude to resist the mental disintegration the waiting staff tried to inflict on us, there seems to be an inherent ignorance in France that butter should be served with bread...Sadly the kitchen staff were always too busy peeling onions and chopping garlic to have the foresight to remove the butter from the fridge before finally serving it. These failings aside they're not a bad bunch!

Decided to make a list of poker goals this month, think I will try and do this regularly now, so I can convince myself I deserve a watch if I follow them until the end of the year. Without further ado here they are...

1. Watch at least 10 videos. Take notes, get the highlighters out etc.

2. Deluded notion of playing "A" game frequently, some nonsense about no msn whilst playing.

3. Bore as many people as possible asking for advice about hands.

4. 40k hands.

5. Don't play higher than 600nl.