Sunday, 18 October 2009


I realised that tomorrow I will be 25 in 6 months tomorrow. I've been toying around with my poker game and decided I'd set some goals until Christmas, then thought well, I'll break them before then anyway, so why not make a 6 month plan.

The plan is to play 100k hands of 400nl by Christmas (no higher). I'm mixing my game up a bit postflop and want to make sure that the fundamentals remain solid(ish)! After this is done I shall put in another 150k hands by my birthday in mid April. It will be a challenge as I'll be in Australia in the New Year and may have won the lot betting on the tennis by then.

Was considering giving updates on the quest on the blog, but it seems evem more mundane than the normal tripe. Seems like a good way to hold myself semi-accountable though. As well as putting in the volume, I definitely want to improve my handreading.

If I achieve this goal I should book a decent profit and will buy myself a ballin' out of control watch. Not sure purse strings will stretch to this, but reach for the stars etc!


james said...

gd post, looking 4wd to 250k garph. hopefully some dreary irish dramas will see you through the hands.

stabec said...

haha I have that watch. When and where are you going to be in Australia?

maryhadalamb said...

We're going to melbourne. We actually have tickets to see semifinals of the tennis and some event called Big day out. Hopefully be able to play a few sides of Ozzie million. Jambon thought you'd be back in UK by then? Would be early January I think.

stabec said...

Ah damn, I will be home by then. I went to the semi finals a few years ago.