Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Ed Miliband seems like he'll be a good challenge for Cameron. Particularly enjoyed this afternoon's exchange, EM threw some good jabs looking to expose splits in the coalition before landing a final blow at Clegg, mocking him for his smoking ( a reference to a recent "Desert Island Discs in which Clegg named a stash of ciggies as his luxury item.) However, Cameron had the benefit of being able to have the last word and crushed Miliband. Never mind trying to rid Parliament of "Punch & Judy politics" it's entertaining stuff, I bet it's great fun sat alongside your mates cheering and jeering. Watch from about 4.20 if you don't fancy the whole thing.

I wonder who will disgrace themselves on the apprentice tonight...


Payne said...

I can't see a man who sounds like a wet blanket being PM. ul Ed. Some great links and general banter btw! Nh.

Anonymous said...


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