Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Peacocks At Large

I'd like to thank the Dunsford and Doddiscomsleigh parish magazine for the inspiration which prompted this brief entry. In short there are acouple of renegade peacocks running riot in a local village. It appears that villagers are determined to get these miscreant birds under lock and key before as any more flower beds are terrorised or blue rinses defecaeted upon. "If anyone has regular visits from these birds and has a shed/enclosure that they can be lured into with food, can they please let either the clerk or a Parish Concillor know". For how much longer can these birds elude capture and prance from thatched roof to thatched roof?

One word of warning, whilst the plumage that makes up the peacocks' train my look rather "pretty" BEWARE! It is well known that the feathers of this bird contain the "eye of the devil" and bringing one into your house is bound to provoke a downswing like no other.

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