Monday, 12 November 2007

Another bird themed entry

I spent some of today teaching ducks to fly. The ducks were happily swimming around on the pond and don't seem particularly inclined to take to the sky. Unfortunately they were bred for the purpose of being shot; and as only a cad would shoot a duck on a pond it's rather essential that they overcome their vertigo. We managed to tempt them into a cage with a bit of wheat and then drove across the field and flung them to the sky. Their sense of direction did not appear especially great, two flew into a fence and a couple more tired of all the flapping rather soon and waddled back towards the pond. The morning was rounded off with a Large steak pasty from Chudleigh bakery.

I am just settling down to watch a Sherlock Holmes episode on Sadly I have seen it before, Holmes's consumption of morphine and cocaine seem to have got rather out of hand. Thank Goodness he has Doctor Watson and Mrs Hudson to keep an eye on him. He seems a little despondent at the moment-"How I abhor the dull routine of existence". Good job he doesn't have to grind SSNL, it may well tip him over the edge.

1 comment:

Samuel said...

What do you do if a bird poos on your car?

Don't take her out again.....(*cymbols/errupting laughter*)