Monday, 18 January 2010

Time to Plunder, down under...

I took the train down to London and stayed with James in soho. It appears the credit crunch has hit the area hard as the local dealers were trying to push weed rather than powder. Seemed to be a lot of people looking for "Charlie" though, no idea if they tracked him down. Met up with Mongy who was vocalising with some black fundamental Christians outside the tube station and helping them spread the Gospel.

The flights were not as bad as expected. I was planning on watching some poker videos, taking notes etc, however there wasn't that much space so had to rely on G&Ts for entertainment; until the tonic ran out that was...

Upon arrival we took a taxi to the appartment. The driver had a thick Russian accent, despite claiming to have lived here for 47 years. It took him less than 20 seconds to ask us if we wanted to go to a brothel. After having politely declined we arrived at the appartment. It suits us pretty well, it's around 20 minutes from the nearby train station to reach Melbourne City centre and from there not even the laziest of poker players could justify taking a taxi to the nearby Crown. Uploaded a snap of the view from the balcony.

Have played two donkaments so far. The $1100 was probably as soft as the $1.5ks at WSOP, it's a bit frustrating not to get the gold when the standard is so poor. Am here for a while though so fingers crossed for a nice score. Have been grinding online a bit with decent results which keeps morale up.

Went out for drinks last night and played some drinking games, it transpires that Rupert is unbelievably awful at "The Name Game" but is a complete Nazi on the implementation of International Drinking Rules. Met a couple of girls from Leamington Spa, some may say it's a small world, although it doesn't fell like it after the flights!

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