Sunday, 31 January 2010

Australian Highlights.

The two tallest members of the group (Keys and Mongy) had some good sparring, Keys was brazen enough to mock the famed "Mongy GPS" and incredulous to discover Scott thought that Ivanhoe was an Australian state. Mongy was on form for the trip and is now a converted Lily Allen aficionado, rumour has it he's going to do a happy hardcore remix.

Rupert's forte, aside from organising the next holiday, was chatting to the taxi drivers. The pick of the bunch was when discovering that one particular chap had come over for work, was, "well it's better than walking in a call centre I suppose."

Steven managed to make us all feel rather mature and responsible as he indulged in night after night of baccarat session. Also jeered at Andy Murray with me whilst watching the final of Australian Open.

Sweir had a deep run in the 6max, although showed his real prowess at aiding Rupert with taxi driver baiting. "Is this a vomit shield?" followed by a mock demonstration was particularly memorable.

Not to be left out I had a few exchanges. After being pilloried with Tony Cascarino as a "Pommie" I commented, "Well I wouldn't want to ever steal a pot boys, you never know where you may get deported to" Tony Hachem seemed to enjoy that one. One particular mug (sunglasses/headphones etc) in the 6max was rather irate at me for looking at his chipstack:

Rolf: "Fuck you, eyeballing my stack".
Me: "I'll have to get a pair of sunglasses like you, so you can't see where I'm looking"
Rolf: "You should, you can probably afford them"
Me: "Not sure I can to be honest, am still saving up for a pair of those swish headphones"

Dealer Interjects...

Afternote: Poor little Steven was whining at being called immature, I guess he'll grow out of this phase, it is a little wearing. Apologies Steven I didn't mean to be condescending-that means patronising (it's when you talk down to people) ref Jimmy Carr. In fairness though his extensive knowledge of pirogies, snow cones, tiramisu, 5bet jamming ranges belies his modest years.


Payne said...

The stealing a pot line is nothing short of absolute genius.

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Anonymous said...

sigh to be fair im 19 so maturity shouldnt be my strong point lol have a good trip kid