Thursday, 4 February 2010

Obligatory Guest Post

Well since i've been exiled to Tommos room I felt it only appropriate to post on his blog. The night out at Fevar in Kowloon was absolutely fantasitc, with both Sweir and his bird starting on different people. I thought i'd have to do a Ross Kemp and roll out when it all kicks off but the phrase became more appropriate as I dragged my mattress across the Langham Place hallway at 5:30am in order to get half a fucking nights sleep as an American bird slept comfortably in my 5* bed. Marvellous.

Nevertheless, Tommy Angelos advice is fantastic in this situation as just like a solid 8 hour traffic jam I remain calm and unemotional and reminisce over the classic Black Eyed Peas tune TONIGHTS GONNA BE A GOOD NIGHT which at this point is beyond ironic. Matters weren't helped in the joint when Mongy disappeared, I took a piss, Julia had gone to the bar leaving the awkward 3s a crowd of Sweir, Laurie, and Tommo getting drinks poured over them and Tommo left out in the open as the remaining couple attempted to eat each others face.

Fucking brilliant. Anyway, off to Macau tomorrow for a few days to hopefully do my absolute bollocks on baccarat and that game I do for a living allegedly ALTHOUGH PERHAPS NOT ACCORDING TO YANKIEDOODLE before returning to HK for a calm couple of days and 12 hours of football manager on the plane.

Yours lovingly,



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maryhadalamb said...

Solid post Rupert. Not received the plaudits you deserve!

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