Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Well it's been some time since my last update, I haven't been putting a great deal of volume in online, something which I will rectify after my Monte Carlo trip. I have, however, been playing live poker, with has been lucrative enough to keep me rolled for Hamilton's breakfasts.

This weekend threw a bit of a shindig for my 25th. Unfortunately Mongy and Rick were unable to make it up due to the volcanic ash issue. However, Rupert and I did raise a "vodka and fresh apple juice" glass to toast them both. Sorted out a magician to come to the house party, he was pretty sick, but his game selection was a little off when he tried to outsmart James, he should have probably stuck to pawning noobs rather than looking to pick off the most inebriated. A bagpiper rounded off the house party with a rousing rendition of some Scottish nonsense, am sure the neighbours appreciated it anyway.

It was then off to Opal Lounge. Hired out some tables, worked pretty well, had never been in such a big group and done this before. It was certainly worth it though, more people to throw ice at etc. The evening went pretty smoothly, Al ordered a load of B52s to wash down the other booze, good lad.

Thanks to all those who came up, a special mention for Rupert who not only endured the indignity of public transport, but was also forced to sit next to the toilet for 4 hours. At least he had his pokerstars luggage for comfort. I have 5% of someone deep in EPT San Remo so fingers crossed he can close better than Saunders and Mercier ;)

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