Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Since the last blog I've had several staking sweats. Wazz, who was mentioned in the previous blog finished up 4th in EPT SanRemo boosting my coffers to the tune of around £15k. Then on to EPT Monte Carlo, this was a tale of broken dreams really, Rupert and I had pieces of two people 2nd and 3rd in the Main Event with 11 left, with a first prize of 1.7M euro. We joked about how awful it would be if neither of the lads made the final. This prophecy realised itself, at the time the 5 figure payday seemed rather paltry, but it was better than a poke in the eye with a dirty stick I suppose. The 15 euro G&Ts in the hotel bar did not taste as sweet as they could have.

Since then have had another chap bubble a major final table, this time WPT Paris, c'est la vie. I've got a good chunk of money riding on Vegas stakes, so I could manage to drop a load of money out there without having to endure the unbearable heat, terrible people and general misery. I won't definitely rule out a visit, but am keen to continue getting in solid volume online and keeping the wolf from the door.

Am currently recuperating back in Devon having felt rather exhausted by all the travelling around I've done recently. Such was my reluctance to avoid expending too much effort I decided not to play the Pokerstars event in Nottingham which I'd won a seat for a few days previously. I'll try and update a little more frequently as trying to recap a month at a time is pretty hopeless. I've also signed up for twitter today as "bombtheturn" so I can snoop on all the nags.

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