Tuesday, 19 February 2008

New Year etc

As was recently pointed out to me, neither shaniac nor myself have published a blog entry for some time. I blame my apathy on 2 stays in the Jagger household, not sure about Shane! Things have been ticking along really nicely and I have been trying my hands at a few mtts after I won the 50K guarantee on stars just before Christmas and didn't blow all the $14k gold, frankincense and myrrh; although obv indulged in a few glasses of mulled wine. Since the I also won the 20k guarantee on Party for ~5k and managed 2nd in a $100 freeze on stars for ~9k. This combined with a cluster of smaller cashes has lead me to increase my mtt volume.


Anonymous said...

New blog entry please, the world needs some Tommo action ;)

stabec said...

I am going to remove this blog from my favourites if I don't see more "Tommo action"

Anonymous said...

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