Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Autumn bound..

Decided to dust the cobwebs of this blog and restore it to its former glory! Obviously been a long time since my last entry..A lot has happened since then, but I don't think it's appropriate to dwell on the trivialities of world affairs etc when obviously the resignation of Carol Vorderman from Countdown has made this a truly "annus horibillis", perhaps compounded slightly Neighbours coverage being interrupted by the Olympics it's been a tough year for many.

Life has been complicated by "Doctors" and "Neighbours" both being shown @ 1.45 p.m. At least I can catch up with Doctors on iplayer if I am unfortunate enough to miss it, but it throws me off kilter for the rest of the day....I'd kick the dog but it's got a bad foot atm so hardly seems fair whilst it's so pawwwly.

As I strive to move up into the msnl games on party Ithink getting a decent routine going is really going to help improve my mental state to one of Zen like focus ,so I can pinpoint with accuracy optimal cold limp 4 betting 3 bet squezzing of late position openers.

My sister is off to start work in London tomorrow, I hear the streets are paved with gold ( apart from outside "The Gutshot" where it has been pilfered to add to "The Dealers Benevolent Fund", lest we forget them... Off for a meal tonight at a nearby pub.


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stabec said...

Damn - I thought I was the biggest fan of Tommo's blog.

Samuel said...

Lol - I don't fucking believe it!