Monday, 8 March 2010


Didn't really feel like playing a lot today. The msnl games weren't great so I mixed in some 1/2, results were poor, but there we go. I punted another share selection, picking up some "Mouchel Group", the mutter from the gutter is that it will bid up and there is decent upswing potential and a limited downside. Props to Robbie: A decent read if you have any interest in this type of thing.

In between "Doctors" and "Neighbours" I also managed to help a new horse set up hand history imports into Holdem manager and configure table selection software. Later I took a look over another guy's Holdem Manager stats and gave him a few pointers on what he can do to help improve his game a bit. Hopefully I won't turn him into a complete spewmonkey! Anyone looking for staking should take a look at my 2p2 thread:

Finally, Congratulations to James "The Market Maker" Saunders who finished 3rd in the March £330 competition at Simon Trumper's "Dusk Til Dawn". A terrific score to open up his Hendon mob database account with.

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Rupert said...

Rob Yong owns DTD. Simon is merely an employee.