Thursday, 18 March 2010


Nope it's not a Prahlad Friedman themed entry espousing the merits of overbetting rivers...I'm off to Prague tomorrow with the Warwick Poker Soc and esteemed former members such as Rupert. Avid readers may recall Steven, who stayed with us in Australia, he was the chap disappointed to be described thus: "Steven managed to make us all feel rather mature and responsible". He was also supposed to be joining us, meeting me at Bristol airport, however, it transpires he has lost his passport.

It feels like the night before the start of a new term at school, full of anticipation, I've got several upcoming trips, after Prague will be checking out Dubrovnich with Rupert, George and James, then Monte Carlo for the EPT, followed by a bit of lashing for a stag weekend. I have been packing my belongings up and wondering how my Mum how has managed to lose all my pairs of socks in the wash. I also discovered my external hard drive in the bottom of my cupboard and took a rest from working my fingers to the bone to enjoy a spot of Alan Partridge. It truly is a timeless classic. I'll be returning to Edinburgh from Prague, it will be good to catch up with the flatmates and James, who is making his way up from London.

Had a little bit of an upswing at poker, my Ipoker contact seem determined to thwart it though, offering me the chance to play in a £10k minimum buy in 48 hour cash game. I mustered up the discipline to decline.

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