Sunday, 7 March 2010

One Week in...

Managed to get a good amount of hands in, however, week ended badly when I jumped into a ridiculously soft 5knl game and managed to lose a stack, relieving myself of the majority of my week's profits. Elsewhere in poker, my horses are making good progress and James Saunders is making a deep run in the DTD £300 ( Good Luck JDizzle. Was a little disappointing to drop that stack today, it's hard to figure the balance between taking shots in juicy games and trying to mantain sanity as well as ensuring that I don't feel need to take a day off or something ludicrous.

I enjoyed seeing "Question Time" this week, Boris and Carol Vorderman were both guests. Carol gave a lovely character assassination of Lord Mandelson whilst Boris kept me amused by expressing his displeasure with terms like "rhubarb" and "absolute codswallop". Serial HIGNFY guest Will Self also featured, he was rather tiresome at first, before eventually making some decent points. I was curious about his background so looked him up on wikipedia (, discovering that he was a former heroin addict.


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