Friday, 28 September 2007

in the croft

Hi y’all, I’m making this blog from the comfort of my adopted home claycroft. After the initial disappointment of not having Grundy living next door I’m getting used to it. I have a 24” monitor and Dave’s Xbox360 at the moment running at 1080 on the screen (although 1080i not 1080p coz using a composite cable not HDMI at the mo). So I’m staying amused on the long winter nights.

I started my lectures last Sunday and have had 10-1 and 2-5 every day with theory in the morning and examples classes in the afternoon. I have been missing the theory ones on the last day or two in favour of a lie in and then getting the question answering technique. Pretty reasonable considering we have an exam on Wednesday and we only have to answer questions.

Other than working I’ve been seeing Will, Jack, and Dave for a session at the Isle and some basketball. Also I have been taught big 2 which is a card game I suck at and don’t rate that much but its better than poker lol.

The isle was the £30 double chance and I basically folded my way down to 5BB for about 2 hours making a steal or two. Then CO raised, I shove AK (woooooo), BB calls (QT), CO has KK. gg. After, I sat about with Will for a while as Jack and Dave played the cash games.

The card room manager was very keen to get a cash game going so we sorted out a 1/1 game with around 6 players. Not without waiting 30 mins for the Chinese October moon celebrations to complete (groan). Only player in the game who had a clue was Will, and everyone else was weak/tight or weak/loose, so I played about 50/45 for a couple of orbits and fortunately found myself on £110 (sat with 50). Then I have AT, make it 5 pre, 2 callers, flop A62 I bet 10, shorty moves in for 11 total with A6, whatever. Dealer obv berates me because “he obviously has 2 pair there”.

Couple of hands later I try and value bet KJ on K high board on the river as he’s played it pretty weak on a non-drawy board. He turns up with AK. Played very few hands vs Will (he was setmining me a few times) then he raised up a hand in mp. Mental woman calls, I flat with JJ because I think a lot of the time I’m playing for a set and if I reraise Will probs shoves all better hands and folds worse so thought I’d try and play a multiway pot. Then the guy in position on me shoves for like £25 folds back to me, I say “that’s pretty gay” and fold face up. He showed QQ, ty. The mental oriental woman then goes “why you pass jacks?!!?!?!?!” so I obv replied “’coz he had queens.”

Last pot of the night I played called someone AI on TTQ with 99, he looked like he had been shot but he had KJ and hit a Q, basically flipaments. Left the game and pottered about checking out the waitresses like a dirty perv.

In other news at Isle I made like £30 at roulette and got cockwatched by some cleaner woman so it was not uneventful.

Since the isle I have been playing madden and sitting around basically, getting over the back end of a flu so I’m looking forward to playing some football or gym or whatever next week.

Online poker has been going a bit rubbish for me at the mo, lost like 6 buyins recently but only played about 6k hands this month due to being on hols/moving networks/moving to campus etc etc (just being lazy). So in my bad mood at online pokarz I cashed out a bit of money to buy a ps3, but it looks like a xbox 360 is a better bet at the moment so I have a lot more money to spend on games etc. The games I will buy when I purchase are Madden 2008, Halo 3, Gears of War. I don’t even like fps games but I’ve never played a halo game so whatever, plus I bet it’ll look really perty. Here is pic of setup and this months graph.

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