Thursday, 20 September 2007

Just can't stay away...

So after dropping Dave's sister of in East London we witnessed crime, poverty, filth and depravity. Of course such an environment could not help but remind us all of the Gutshot club..So before we knew it we were heading out of the frying pan and into the fire, we were obviously in a state of denial "well it can't be as bad as last time", "at least they have recently added neon blue lights to the toilets" to prevent the delears shooting up in the toilets. So filled with a surge of euphoria and peach flavoured water coursing through our veins we were slicing through the London traffic.

Upon arrival we discovered that we would be playing a £75 freeze out which attracted 51 hopeful Gutshoters.I overheard the tournament director remarking his surprise at the limited number of runners, football of somekind was blamed, however, I expect his concern was probably due to the reduction in potential tip money.

I got of to a solid start and progressed to final with Dave, we then played a massive pot with Dave's AK improving enough to slaughter my JJ. I came in 7th for £215 with Dave going on to finish 2nd for a none to shabby £700-(the dealers were not forgotten).

I've always been a pretty easy going kind of fellow able to tolerate the ineptitude of others..However, the mug of tea served to me at Gutshot was a bridge too far, apparently due to the clubs financial difficulties, new cost cutting measures have been implemented- this meant that the tea bag used to "brew" my tea was 3rd hand. Upon complaining I was told that i should be grateful,as the tea bag had previously graced the mugs of Gutshot supremo's Ade Bayo and Neil Channing. My powers of negotiation ensured that I managed to secure a new tea bag to add to the hot water and milk. I've always felt you can judge a great deal about a person/establishment by quality of the tea they make, and the 'cuppa' served to me was dreary, grey and tired.

Flash had been badgering me into getting a massage and so I finally obliged. Now, it's not saying much to say that this young lady was far more aggressive than any player I have ever encountered at Gutshot. I've heard of deep tissue massage but as her elbows powered into my shoulder-blades I was in a far more tricky spot than any Gutshoter had previously put me in. Should I ask the masseuse to ease it up a little or endure the punishment. Thankfully the elbow treatment did not last too long and the massage was quite relaxing.

Flash and I were then introduced to a variation of chinese poker by a young lady who also finalled the £75 freeze and who had a great poker name JayLuck. the game benuses me, and I was worried the game may involve forfeits of downing noodle soup or something horrific so left to shortstack a rather juicy 2-2 plo game. Went ok as Chennifer reliably informed me I got my money in as a 70% favourite, but alas to no avail. Went back upstairs to check on the "Big 2" action, which was just winding down. Flash had to beat a rather hasty retreatas he had got in rather deep having lost £5k and didn't have the cash on him. Talk of triad hitmen was mention, but Dave Lu stepped up to the plate and sd hr was good for the five large or double or quits. Dave then chalked up an impressive victory ensuring that we headed back to Balham with all our fingers and toes intact.

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