Sunday, 14 September 2008

Trip to Exeter.

Had to catch the bus back from Exeter after a driving lesson recently, the journey back was certainly an amusing affair. Some drunk old codger called Jerry, from a nearby village had taken his mobile phone to the repair shop, however, as it was still powered by AAA batteries the proprietor suggested it may not be worth saving. Not deterred, Gerry informed anyone on the bus who was listening that he would be taking the phone to pieces and spraying it with WD40, to see if it would bring his phone back to life.

The next incident occurred as we approached the Village of Ide. As the bus was quite crowded, someone was standing at the front, despite there being the odd seat available. At this point Jerry interjected "What's that woman doing standing up there". He was informed by a couple of girls next to him that the person was in fact a man, who just happened to have long braided hair. Jerry wasn't to convinced and a loud conversation ensued with the chastised bloke escaping at the next stop!

There was one other incident, but I shall keep that up my sleeve for another day, I don't want to use up all my material at once! Played cricket yesterday against a touring team called "The Badgers"composed of people who work for "The Sun" and "Daily Mirror", needless to say one of them edged it and failed to walk, am sure a broadsheet employee would be fired for besmirching the reputation of his publication if imitating such behaviour.

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