Sunday, 21 September 2008

The English Riviera

This week I headed down to Torquay to meet with Scott and Rick. It was good to see them again, although one of the side effects Scott seems to have developed from excessive SNG play is an irrational fear of moths. They are attracted through the window due to the light thrown out by his monitors, however, after they have been forced to endure around 20 minutes of watching STTs they go crazy, bored of push/folding, they race around the room, amusing themselves by hiding in Scott's clothes. Things have got so bad for poor old Scott, that he now employs a cat, "Meg", to rip the moths wing from wing.

We made it out to Torquay casino on our second night, to play a £10rebuy and a bit of live cash. Scott accidently mucked Rick's cards, (self-dealt tournament) as The beech was shoving his chips allin- Not on the Interwebs now son! Protect your cards!! It was all resolved cordially, as I enjoyed a Chichen salad. I'm sure last year it was a Chicken and bacon salad, must be a casualty of the credit crunch I guess.

Thanks to Scott for having us to stay, and good luck with your holiday Rick, hope XL don't leave you stranded out there!

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