Monday, 29 September 2008

Congratulations Scott

No...He hasn't overcome his irrational fear of moths quite yet, he did, however, manage to win the $250k on Ipoker for a first prize of $55k! This blog obviously must take some of the credit, for encouraging him to ween himself from his self destructive addiction to STTs

Not much else to report, although, I have recently decided that Britvic tonic, really is not up to scratch, and so, if Schweppes is not available I have been experimenting with Gin and bitter lemon. Early indications are that I should be able to transition into this major life change smoothly; I knocked a few back last night after scoring 51 for DCC.

Shall leave you with this review of "Dude, Where's My Car?". I found on the Radio Times website. I was motivated there and then to write the most scathing review of Gutshot I could muster until I realised it was shut! Shall probably watch "Croupier" tonight, haven't seen it in ages.

The daft title is the most amusing thing about this embarrassing, laugh-free exercise in teen idiocy. Utterly devoid of any redeeming features, it should be a confidence-booster for budding film-makers: if garbage like this can get funded, there's hope for anyone. Seann William Scott and Ashton Kutcher play the dumb, pot-smoking chums, who wake up after a night of hedonism to discover Kutcher's car is missing and decide to re-trace their movements. A transsexual stripper, Nordic extraterrestrials and an ostrich farmer all cross their path in this witless, pointless shambles that stumbles from one excruciating moment to another. It's unquestionably one of the worst ever US comedies.

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